Project Mitsuba - an opensource imageboard software written in PHP
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Project Mitsuba is an opensource (AGPLv3 licensed) image board software written in PHP and using MySQLi.


**Warning: ** Mitsuba needs ZipArchive for module uploads!

To install Mitsuba you’ll have to:

  • Run ./install.php

Planned features

  • reCaptcha support


The API is at ./board/thread_no.json

For more info visit 4chan’s api


Desuneko - creator and developer of Project Mitsuba

skandal - first betatester, helped with bughunting, made Polish translation and several alternative stylesheets

hardkurahen - javascripts

JanPavulon - javascripts

sebagaua - some PHPs



Mitsuba contains code from jQuery (MIT license), PHP Markdown by Michel Fortin (custom license, available on website), jBBCode by Jackson Owens (MIT license), cool-php-captcha by José Rodríguez (GPLv3), Meny by Hakim El Hattab (custom license, available on website) and jquery.cookie by Klaus Hartl (MIT license).