361 Commits (develop)

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  yumi f70c63e0f7 CONFIG_MAX_POST_BYTES limits reply / topic length 3 months ago
  yumi d9475ab3cf Admin uses new interfaces 3 months ago
  yumi cfb52189f0 Fix for API consistency + updating continuity total post count 4 months ago
  yumi 727ae87df0 Improving readability! 4 months ago
  yumi 85f75faff2 BUGFIX: unbroke SQL statement for topic creation 4 months ago
  yumi b5f3eef752 Merge branch 'db-rework' into develop 4 months ago
  yumi 5a3a0a8159 bugfix stray `)` in <form> element ^w< 4 months ago
  yumi be5effdc59 <a> color fix 4 months ago
  yumi d2adc47d17 News is back! 4 months ago
  yumi ab38c95058 API uses new interface for rendering content 4 months ago
  yumi ccbbac705d Invisible topics (i.e. spam or deleted topics) with replies are shown 4 months ago
  yumi dabf159716 Simpler programmer-facing interface in Renderer class 4 months ago
  yumi 42bd83000b Font refresh! 4 months ago
  yumi 2c1c0a92ad Introduce recent posts with a header "Fresh Posts" 4 months ago
  yumi 0d2df0e290 bugfix RSS lastBuildDate 4 months ago
  yumi 7d066d7d5f Untangle data & presentation; no need for `Topics` table 4 months ago
  yumi 120325cf5c Create a blank Berkeley DB (and ensure we've got it installed!) 4 months ago
  yumi d769f01fe8 Enforce spam and minimum character policies 4 months ago
  yumi dcdb493632 CONFIG_MIN_POST_BYTES: require a minimum character count 4 months ago
  yumi f591d096d3 Learn / Unlearn posts as spam + synchronize dba 4 months ago
  yumi 5978d369d5 Methods for learning / unlearning Replies as SPAM 5 months ago
  yumi f1b0b5644c Database schema updated to reflect SPAM 5 months ago
  yumi a7e131163c Download & install b8, a Bayesian spam filter implemented in PHP5 5 months ago
  yumi 51dfb4e462 Remove robocheck CAPTCHA in favor of CAPTCHA-less robocheck 5 months ago
  yumi 5df2a55732 BUGFIX: incorrect rendering of deleted posts 5 months ago
  yumi 97b38f24f3 Correcting types for API / JSON serialization 5 months ago
  yumi 5927f6ff4d Propagate User ID around resources (as a private field) 5 months ago
  yumi 6f4276fcec HIT SEND TOO FAST 5 months ago
  yumi 6b6f64cc93 SLOW ban + HELL ban 5 months ago
  yumi 7788da28dc Enhanced site-wide user tracking (and user id appended to `Posts`) 5 months ago
  yumi 10f91f6073 Deleting posts in admin panel triggers appropriate topic deletions 5 months ago
  yumi 48389b9049 Robocheck text no longer overflows the image 5 months ago
  yumi 936eca73d7 Admin panel: ability to delete posts / topics 7 months ago
  yumi 39c15e1de7 Word-break (for webkit browsers) and Nginx caching 8 months ago
  yumi 7a21a0053c Descriptive "Post Failure" pages; countdown to redirect 8 months ago
  yumi f5f3a7c80f <main> fix, CSS tweaks, minor version bump 8 months ago
  yumi a7a31901d7 Collapse CSS Grid for narrower devices 9 months ago
  yumi 3fec223140 NOW HIRING: Intern position (NOT PAID) to clean source tree 9 months ago
  yumi a2dd76f6d2 Discovery / Sponsor Sidebar 9 months ago
  yumi 6fac1b7e6e "New Topic" button available on the continuity timeline 11 months ago
  yumi 65a26d4555 Clickable continuity <h2> titles on main-page 1 year ago
  yumi f106be4b05 RM() -> Rm() 1 year ago
  yumi 558c493f7f New Topic / New Post buttons shifted around; <article>s are inline-blocks 1 year ago
  yumi 2ee2bbd0f1 What are we going to do on the Sysop panel? Pomf =3 1 year ago
  yumi 9145b2ef61 CSS bugfix for mobile and other small-screeens 1 year ago
  yumi 9204df9389 <header> decoration adjustments 1 year ago
  yumi baef999d7a Redrew RSS icon 1 year ago
  yumi 664327c2c0 <header> and <footer> container for centering arbitrary elements 1 year ago
  yumi 4e9b168ce9 [spoiler] CSS fixed 1 year ago
  yumi 7adcbd36e4 [sjis] and [aa] tags for SJIS or ASCII art 1 year ago