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  dequis 18dce03158 Implement proxy panel 4 years ago
  dequis 45e8c2672c wakapost: turn 'image' into a property that aliases to 'filename' 4 years ago
  dequis 336bceb573 Fix redirect to 'update successful' after global delete by ip 4 years ago
  dequis c20acc750c Revert "Finally, implemented the most requested file format: TGA!" 6 years ago
  dequis 89baaf0a5e Finally, implemented the most requested file format: TGA! 6 years ago
  dequis 9e3142a0d9 Fix noko redirection when posting from admin 6 years ago
  dequis ef0d46f99d Merge branch 'happy-birthday-weedy' 6 years ago
  dequis 1344c3b338 Refactor editing logic 6 years ago
  dequis 7618f87131 Minor refactor of board._gateway_window 6 years ago
  dequis 07f5fdbd13 Fix admin_mode setting when posting/editing 6 years ago
  dequis 59fa65b431 Cleanup, whitespace, pyflakes, etc 6 years ago
  dequis 726a68120d Refactor usage of kwargs_from_params to be nicer 6 years ago
  dequis e2e7e2c54b Use wakaposts in edit_(gateway_)window and delete_post 6 years ago
  dequis abc03ae13e wakapost: admin_post setter/getter 6 years ago
  dequis 9a8e5dc5a8 Rename some variables/methods related to staff handling 6 years ago
  Weedy 88afd636de Post IPs should be search links, makes UX better. 6 years ago
  dequis fa3148c7d9 Fix some subtly broken links in the admin panel 6 years ago
  dequis 49e84fefae """Fix""" checking for admin_post when deleting (another one) 6 years ago
  dequis ecec426709 Add option to limit delete_by_ip to recent posts 6 years ago
  dequis 1bc4f1d645 """Fix""" checking for admin_post when editing 6 years ago
  Weedy 94856c2ef3 Fix thumbnail moving. 6 years ago
  dequis fdf643ea3f Some docs related cleanups 6 years ago
  dequis ce59caf919 SUDDENLY, DOCS 6 years ago
  dequis aa1e85140a Use si_task_factory for task_deleteall_confirm 6 years ago
  dequis c68b18ac6a Bunch of improvements to install docs 6 years ago
  dequis 415dae483e cli: Get env vars from env, simplify everything else 6 years ago
  dequis a75e92579f board.expand_url: Use werkzeug to get host_url 6 years ago
  dequis a7bbbcc8ca Wrap app iterator with list() so exceptions are always caught 6 years ago
  dequis 5838d86a3e Fix staff page when someone has no latest activity 6 years ago
  dequis 3d0438589e Merge pull request #47 (staff_management.html: Scoping fixes) 6 years ago
  dequis 302ca2d07b Merge remote-tracking branch 'k-anon/hotfix-spam-302' 6 years ago
  dequis 9db9e15556 Fix non-admin post deletion 6 years ago
  dequis 42afde89c7 Send caught 'unhandled' exceptions to stderr 6 years ago
  dequis c3930f4619 Fix exception when opening new threads derp 6 years ago
  dequis 6ebafc73cc Nice readme file 6 years ago
  dequis c2ee2fac08 Make fcgi_tcp default to listen in localhost 6 years ago
  dequis febe917246 Remove unused 404 handler (was in dev server) 6 years ago
  dequis 8e8159a89d cli.py for commandline actions, added fgci_tcp and fcgi_unix servers 6 years ago
  dequis 1549ba20ad Initial setup / error reporting improvements 6 years ago
  dequis 1b98dc8c94 delete_by_ip: don't generate cache if nothing is deleted. 7 years ago
  dequis 7be522cbce wakapost: save file size 7 years ago
  Nathan Wilson e50670906c More subtle redirect for automated spammers. 7 years ago
  Nathan Wilson 6c1b978832 dequis/wakarimasen#44 staff_management.html: Scoping fixes. 7 years ago
  dequis 329431d19c Fix noko regression with post-objects refactor 7 years ago
  dequis 787591c1f9 Merge branch 'master' into post-objects 7 years ago
  dequis a198997cbb Remove a few unused imports and variables 7 years ago
  dequis 1067e4fccc Show more info on wsgi env completeness error 7 years ago
  dequis e039510b30 More detailed installation instructions 7 years ago
  dequis f5911a78b1 Official sqlite db support 7 years ago