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For support with the timer please visit my discord

bTimes 2.0 by blacky

Timer for both CS:S and CS:GO bhop servers.

Leaked by Blank & Bonner


How to install

Import the database.sql to your SQL database Drag and drop the server upload files to your server, and edit databases.cfg to have this.

		"driver"		"default"
		"host"			"hostnamehere"
		"database"		"dbnamehere"
		"user"			"usernamehere"
		"pass"			"passwordhere"
		//"timeout"		"0"
		"port"		   	"porthere"

Plugins Included

Blackys RTV - $50 (full source)
bTimes2.0 - $200 (full source)
Blackys Anti Strafe-hack 2 - $100 (full source)
If you have the stages plugin, please contribute the source, its the only plugin needed to complete this github.

Servers running this plugin

(CS:S)GiClan -
(CS:S)Paradox Hops -
(CS:S)Blank Bhop -
(CS:S)KawaiiClan - &
(CS:GO)Ambrosia Bhop -

DM Blank if you have another server running the timer.

Share this around if you wish, you’re welcome for leaking this.