Tanami / Monaba
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Imageboard engine written in Haskell and powered by Yesod

Updated 5 months ago

An anonymous BBS (textboard) written in MIT Scheme

Updated 3 months ago

Neo-forum / Textboard / Future simulator https://ralee.org

Updated 1 month ago

nntp based decentralized imageboard

Updated 6 months ago

The best chan engine that you will ever shitpost with.

Updated 18 hours ago

An imageboard engine https://ernstchan.com

Updated 2 years ago

Stable and fast imageboard written in Ur/Web

Updated 2 years ago

Infinity Next is an imageboard suite utilizing the Laravel framework. 🍆 https://16chan.nl

Updated 2 weeks ago

improved textboard software http://textboard.dynu.com

Updated 4 years ago

Vaporware imageboard software (planning to pick this back up later this year) https://flash.moe/satoko

Updated 1 year ago

ModernStuff / vichan
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Tinyboard branch taking lightweightness somewhat more liberally https://int.vichan.net/devel/

Updated 1 month ago

anonymous realtime imageboard focused on high performance, free speech and transparent moderation

Updated 1 day ago

anonymous group photoblog software

Updated 3 years ago

A Wakaba (an imageboard script) fork with many additional features and enhancements. https://www.glauchan.org

Updated 5 years ago

Project Mitsuba - an opensource imageboard software written in PHP http://mitsuba.cf/

Updated 6 years ago

µchan – Fast anonymous imageboard software https://uchan.plebco.de/

Updated 1 month ago

An open source live media chat.

Updated 1 month ago

Real-time imageboard in node.js and redis http://doushio.com/moe/

Updated 1 year ago

ModernStuff / FoolFuuka
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FoolFuuka is a high performance imageboard software that is fully customizable. It contains a powerful administration system, extendable plugin engine, and etc. (FoolCode Package) http://foolfuuka.rtfd.org/

Updated 4 years ago

ModernStuff / Hanako
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Imageboard engine http://hanako-imageboard.rhcloud.com/

Updated 4 years ago